2013 GAZE team


Photo of the team

The success of the team that has born this 2013 from the GAZE shell is remarkable. Here there are our three “musketeers”. They look like good workers! Julen (left to right) has a notebook in his hands, Xabi, however, books and Lierni the folder of the university…
We took the photo the 4th March, couple of hours before Julen flew to San Francisco. He hadn’t got the suitcase prepared, that’s why his face is so weird…

Julen Arrizabalaga

Julen I am Julen Arrizabalaga Gonzalez, donostiarra, I was born in 1993. Although I am from San Sebastian, half of my family is from Arrasate. I practice surf kayaking (sport that consists on riding waves with a specific kayak for that), in 2011 I was World Champion in Junior Category, and also with the Basque Team in Selections Category. Moreover, I study Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation degree in Mondragon Unibertsitatea, where, with 10 people, we have created a company named Kibber, to learn from it and get the way to our dreams become true.

What I enjoy doing? Waves, sea, freedom, food, laughing, reading adventurousness stories, reading news about society, traveling, nature, sleeping, winning, music, Asterix and Obelix…

Lierni Ortiz

Lierni I am a third year student of Civil Engineering at the UPV/EHU. I come from a small town called Zegama, although I live in Donostia during the weekdays due to my studies.
I have many hobbies, but if I had to name a few of them, I would have to emphasize my love for the sport (every sport you can practice with a ball, going to the mountain, climbing…), drawing, traveling…
Being football one of my biggest hobbies, I spend much of my time on it. I play in a small football team and, wanting to teach everything I’ve learned over these years, I coach a
young girl team.
I accepted with great enthusiasm this project in GAZE, because I find it a great opportunity to show the entrepreneur we all have inside of us!!

Xabier Sanchez

XabiI am Xabi, 22 years old boy from Pasaia, Business and Administration student. I study at IES Xabier Zubiri-Manteo BHI and I like reading, sports, in general, and rugby, in particular.
I have worked actively for Leonardo and Comenius projects, where I have learnt to work in team with people with so different points of view.
Now, as ‘Colabora’, I wish to express in GAZE everything that I learnt understanding the
challenge that supposes it.



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